TDC incepted into the industry with services related to Geotech Investigations and over the course of 25 years has diversified & extended services into Terrain & GIS Mapping Foundation Testing, Ground Improvement Solutions, Mining Investigations & Explorations, Bathymetric Survey, GPR Survey, Geophysical Survey, Engineering & Design services for various Towers & Civil Structures, with recently investing and venturing into Oceanographic Survey.

  • Design and engineering of infrastructural and industrial structures

  • Bathymetry Survey using duel frequency single beam echosounder

  • Identification of sediment layers in reservoir, lake or in sea.

  • Drilling in soil and rock to get soil profile & safe bearing capacity

  • Digital terrain modeling & alignment survey by total station and DGPS

  • Utility survey using GPR, cable locator and pipe locator

  • Precision aerial 3D mapping & GIS using unmanned aerial systems (UAS)

  • Soil, rock, water and construction materiel laboratory testing service

  • Jet grouting, reinforced soil, soil mixing, compaction and geotextiles

  • Ultrasonic, liquid penetrant, magnetic particle & eddy current test

  • Subsurface tomography & investigation using multi channel seismograph

  • 2D & 3D sub-surface tomography from electrical resistivity measurement

  • Seismic wave propogation analysi for earthquake design analyses.